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Lou Tilchin

Lou Tilchin

Managing Partner

Helping others succeed: this is Lou Tilchin’s mantra. He has energetically built a unique financial services company based on his philosophy and thorough grasp of the fundamentals of the financial services industry. As Managing Partner, Lou imparts a pragmatic management philosophy. He effectively puts his philosophy into practice, mentoring and cultivating rising talent and, in the process, protecting the financial interests of clients. Lou does not stray from his core belief that motivating the professionals in the office to attain high levels of personal and business success benefits both themselves, as well as their clients. Lou is not ambiguous in setting forth his principles; he challenges others to reach 100% of their potential. He enables them to realize a sense of accomplishment. Long lasting relationships that Lou has nurtured, both with his professional staff and with clients, have made him a trusted friend and advisor.

Lou’s career began shortly after graduating from Florida State University. In 1986, Lou joined the North Tampa office of Prudential Insurance, where, after 1 year, he achieved recognition as a top producer, his success being attributed to his skills in writing and closing business. For the next 15 years, Lou consistently reached status as a top-tier producer in the Tampa office and skyrocketed to national recognition, receiving 15 President’s Citations. In 1994, Lou took an opportunity as a dually registered agent and financial advisor to launch an innovative financial services company in Tampa, Tilchin Financial. The company started out small; but, Lou incrementally added the finest agents and financial advisors in the area to his staff; his work ethic, ability to motivate, and solid reputation as a mentor quickly attracted top talent. With an expanded selection of products available to his clients, Lou’s business and reputation grew exponentially. By 2004, Tilchin Financial was home to 20 independent agents and financial advisors.

In April, 2007, Tilchin Financial merged with Scott Jaffe and The Jaffe Group, formerly of Citigroup Smith Barney. Lou and Scott Jaffe were introduced while both worked with the Prudential corporation. Jaffe Tilchin Wealth Management successfully brings a top financial services firm and an innovative investment advisor group together to form a partnership of highly talented individuals. Jaffe Tilchin Wealth Management is a symbiotic environment; clients benefit from a cooperative atmosphere amongst professionals, where everyone continuously learns from one another. Clients receive innumerable services in portfolio management, estate planning, pension services, insurance and risk management, while never having to leave the building. Greater options for customers on a national scale combined with outstanding service and advice offered by over 40 licensed professionals in the office guarantee longevity of client relationships and staff. With few, perhaps zero, imitators in the industry, Lou is proud to have built a brand that represents integrity and top-notch service.